Simple AMIGA 2000/600/500 Kickstart switcher

Like the A1200 Kickstart switcher but much simpler as there is only one rom instead of two!

What you need for this project!

27c800 eprom pre-programmed with 2 amiga kickstarts

a switch with dual dupont connector ( single pole , single or double throw )

1 x 10k resistor 1/2 or 1/4 watt ( you could use SMD it is up to you )

2 pin pcb header

some link or wire wrap wire

As you might have noticed I have already glued the 2 pin header on the ROM


First we need to solder a resistor to the supply leg of the chip ( pin 22 ) and then solder a wire from it to the first pin on the header and to pin 1 on the chip .

Then we need to solder a wire from the gnd leg of the chip ( pin 31 ) to the other side of the header .

Assemble the wire for the switch ( solder one to the center contact and the other to one side ) and attach the crimps.

Put the chip in the socket so that pin 1 and pin 42 hang over the edge these MUST NOT make contact with the socket on the motherboard.

plug in the switch and put the rom in the socket on the motherboard and you are ready to go!!

Switch in one position = High bank and in the other = Low bank .

Remeber to turn off your AMIGA before you change the kickstart , or it will crash!

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