C64 ROM to PLA adapter


This project is shared on PCBWay https://www.pcbway.com/project/shareproject/C64_PLA__to_ROM_adapter.html


I have been looking at this project for a while and there are several boards around , however nobody has shared them so i decided to create my own.


For more information please see eslapions thread.




Thank you eslapion for all your hard work and insight.


The ROM is a 27c512 , however i am having some good results with eproms.


I will add more photo's as the project develops!





Bill of materials used in this project

14pin header x 2
28 pin ic socket (wide) x 1
Ras Delay Capacitor (68pf) x 1
Once you have the parts together.
Start by inserting the pins into the socket like so:-
Then place the board on top with the writing upwards and the pins in the pins columns
with a gentle push the pins should go into the socket completely.
Then proceed to clip all the pins as close to the board as possible.
you can now solder all the pins.
Seperate the socket and place on top in the ROM columns keeping the notch on the socket in line with the notch on the picture on the board.
Turn it upside down and solder.
Then fit the capacitor and that is it Adapter Made.