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The Idea for this project came from my building of a Spitfire 500 accelerator . The Spitfire 500 is a 14MHz accelerator for the AMIGA 500 computer and has 8MB of fast ram on board , and an IDE interface … Continue reading

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A500 keyboard on A2000

This is just a quick guide for anybody who wants to use an A500 keyboard on the A2000. The main problem people have with this is the fact that pressing the ‘ Left amiga , Right amiga and CTRL ‘ … Continue reading

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C64/VIC20 PC keyboard adapter

Banman from the MELON64 forum contacted me about a project that could adapt a PS/2 or AT 5 pin din keyboard to the C64 , but there was no pcb for it , only the software. I told him it … Continue reading

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